Moving on…

Chantelle Ko: For the summer I’m working on expanding my programming skills and planning for the upcoming year. Laptop orchestra is life.

Avery Tsang: After an eventful four years at Ubc I have finally completed my bachelors in music performance as well as a minor in music technology. Starting this September I will be pursuing a degree in law somewhere on the west coast and will hopefully find time to make use of the musical abilities that I have taken away from my undergraduate education. In terms of music technology, I want to put my snowboard capstone project to good use this winter and create a piece of music with it.

Greg Thomas: My short-term plans are to simply work through the summer, saving money, with a trip to celebrate in the fall. As for my long-term plans, throughout the summer and the fall I will be looking for opportunities related to music tech for the new year. I enjoyed my time in Laptop Orchestra immensely and would love to find a career related to music technology.

Sarah Wasik: The end of laptop orchestra for me means attempting to survive in the real world. I have been working five different jobs (some of them dance related) trying to pay off student loans and a new car I justified as a necessity. Starting to wish laptop orchestra was a lifetime offered course!

Briana Smirfitt: This year I’ll be applying to grad schools for clinical psychology and starting my yoga teacher training this fall!

Byron Carr: I’m going to develop a reverse osmosis procedure to allow French Horn players to breathe in through their mouthpiece while still producing sound. Current problems seem to include bell collapse and folding, but I’m sure that with enough grant money I can overcome this problem and live in wealthy, fabulous, blinding splendour assist other horn players in mastering this difficult technique.

Julianna Bouso: I will be spending some time developing my capstone project on my own. I will be also working with a lot of audio and lights, watching Netflix, enjoying the beach and eating some good food.

Zoe Nichele: Next year I will be graduating with a degree in psychology! Yahoo! I will also be doing my yoga teacher training and will be desperately trying to figure out my next step.

Alex Korchev: Now that the semester is over, I am focusing on developing new virtual and electronic instruments as well as working on a few pieces for upcoming shows and exhibits. I do this while trying to kickstart a career playing football, chasing rumors that I’m related to royalty, and of course trying to find an economical way to get to the Moon.

Breanna Picard: In the steps of the great Captain Jean-Luc Picard before me, I will be following in the family tradition, and will be attending Starfleet Academy in San Francisco this coming year. (In actuality I will be working on my capstone project for the April 2018 Bang Festival. You will have to come see the Festival if you want to know what the project is.)

Micki-Lee Smith: Micki-Lee will tour with the National Youth Orchestra, and will be teaching at Deer Valley Meadows fiddle camp later this summer. She is also busy composing, and brainstorming ideas for her capstone project that will be completed in her final year at UBC.

Anders Grasdal: Now that term has ended I am currently playing French Horn in the Band of the Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa. In September I will be returning to UBC as a 4th year music student and will be returning to the laptop orchestra ensemble. (If they’ll let me)

Melissa Liang: Melissa will be working on her Capstone to complete the minor, and is considering grad school (not sure in what area or how).

Jinmo Kim: I will be finishing up my last year of undergraduate studies this fall with a BA in computer science and a minor in music. I’ll also be releasing an album by the end of the summer so yeah that’s pretty dope.

Emmett Tan: I will continue to build my new start-up “Tan’s Solar Powered Wind Farms”. I expect to be able to create localized turbulence that I can then sell to wind farms around the world. Contact me for investment and licensing opportunities!

Dominique Low: I’m currently in New Mexico representing UBC Rocket as avionics team lead at IREC, the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competiton. We’re launching a sounding rocket to 10,000ft in a couple days, so hopefully all goes well. After the competition I’m going backpacking through Southern Africa until August and then I will begin working at Intel.

Theresa Mammarella: I graduated from UBC this May and spent the two months following travelling in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. In July I’ll be starting at IBM in Ottawa full time as a software engineer working in their Java runtimes division.

Justin Wang: Post-KiCASS, I’ve been job hunting in the software industry and working on personal projects, mostly in the form of indie games. Later this summer I’ll be a mentor for Geering Up’s Intro to Video Games camp.

Geoff Shaw: Will be hitchhiking across the Pacific and then swimming across southeast Asia. I’m up for the challenge! If you want to join me send me a text and we can coordinate on time, location, and outfits!

Victor Zappi: After a term spent with the creative students of SUBCLASS, Victor moved to Europe to fully concentrate on his research, at least until the beginning of 2018. Then a new adventure will hopefully start, always teaching and pursuing innovation in music technology

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